rest | LA

Our Vision: To enjoy God & invite others into His family.


Our vision for rest | LA is rooted in a gospel conviction surrounding two vital ideas. One of those ideas is that the gospel is inviting all people to experience, savor and enjoy God.

However, if it stops there we are missing the fullness of the gospel.

We believe that Jesus longs for us to deeply enjoy Him for the purpose of reflecting Him to a fractured and hurting world.

We value meeting in homes as our primary gathering space in order to pursue God through His Word, enjoy authentic relationships with one another, and devote ourselves to a missional life.

Living a missional life is about enjoying Jesus and longing for others to see and savor Him above everything this world has to offer. We believe a network of unified house churches can increase the reach of the gospel in a city and around the world on every level.

So…welcome home!